Thursday, March 4, 2010

Update on train the trainer in Perak

Just spoke to Greg on the phone. He says it's an MCF event. I invited him to clarify on the blog but he said that he can't. He said that if there are any doubts we can write to him officially and he will give a reply. On behalf of First GM Chess Academy I will do just that and keep you all apprised. I continue to want to give him the benefit of the doubt until there is positive proof otherwise because the alternative spells a very bleak future for Malaysian chess.

PS: I have to admit that I am currently suspicious of my own judgements since transfering my day to day responsibilities and coming off the online world in 2009. Every one I have met in chess talks about wanting development and obviously I have been fooled, leading to my explusion from PICA. Too many skilled wolves in sheep clothing. I do not have the skills to evaluate other than by closely examining their actions over time.

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