Friday, March 26, 2010


Very very simply put, the brain is divided into the higher centers where reasoning takes place and the more primitive brain, where the limbic loop or the fight or flight response, takes place. (If you want a more scientific treatise on this subject read Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman).

Now a very pertinent point is that the circuitry for the limbic response acts faster than the ones from the higher centers. A relic from the days where we used to be hunters and immediate response was essential for survival. Now note that both fight or flight are both fear responses.

So when we experience fear, imagined or otherwise, our body immediately responds. (A few seconds before the reasoning faculties). And if that response takes hold, it can swamp all reasoning, all training.

In chess we have an understanding of this. What I am saying is that the training in chess has a larger application. It has implications in all facets of our lives. In business, relationships etc etc. It can prepare us for globalisation.

Now what does my reasoning tell me in view of the latest happenings in chess? Well it tells me that we are a small community with limited knowledge and still in pursuit of our own first GM. It tells me if we do not pool our knowledge we are that far from the goal. It tells me that we have local expertise that we are not using but we should, or the Country may experience a net outflow of foreign exchange by utilising foreigners. Please know that I have nothing against that in order to gain new knowledge but it's a waste if we pay for knowledge we already have in the Country.

A big challenge indeed, especially when the fear response kicks in.

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