Thursday, March 4, 2010

Seeking clarification from MCF

Please go to the train the trainers piece here and read the comments. Thank you reader. Can we have clarification from Greg please? Your credibility is on the line. First GM Chess Academy trainers have attended the course and paid good money on the understanding that the course is conducted by MCF. If this is untrue then it may constitute fraud.


  1. Aiiyahh Raymond...why you always want to publish thing like this on the blog. Can you just call/write/email to MCF for clarification first .

    If they didn't answer then you publish laa...

    Why use word like "your credibility is on the line" ...why put unnesacary pressure like that....

    please solve thing properly la..don't burn the issue...

  2. I think leaving that accusation unanswered would have been more damaging. As it was Greg's name was speedily cleared on this issue. Someone once said, throw enough mud at somebody and some of it will stick. Trial by rumour.