Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Imagined Fears

One of my favorite topic is imagined fears. And in my work I argued the seed of many future problems are created from one conclusion. And that conclusion is usually formed in childhood. This terrible conclusion is that there is nobody in this world that we can trust.

With that one conclusion, this person will be unable to hear the voice of a Saint or a Prophet. He/She will now lead an adversarial life with no reprieve. Everyone is an enemy.

If you read Daniel Goleman, he will argue that this person is on the verge of "tripping" ie this person is fairly close to or one straw short of dissasembling, breaking down, losing his impulse control.

The solution I suggest is reasoning, the ability to evaluate who is trust worthy and to what extent. This is an important prerequisite to having a balanced life. This ability to see through imagined fears is important or you always carry your fears with you; even in situations that are not threatening. You cant tell the difference. The conclusion was formed before the evidence.

In sports, especially mental sports, this is translated to having tremendous internal pressure. So a modicum of external pressure now breaks the player. Remember that I argued that we need to go down to 1000 meters for that GM.

Do you think I make any sense?

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