Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tournaments- the gift of life

Just got back from UTP after 2 months away from tournaments. I am always invigorated after a good tournament. There is nothing like pressure to reveal the flaws in our character, our thinking system. And that is OK. That just means we have something to improve. I think that is the way things are supposed to be. And it always renews my faith to see people striving to better themselves through healthy competition. I am totally sold on chess as a tool for Nation building.

ps: Met Ainaa and a few other former Perak players at UTP. I asked her if she was going to play at NAG since there is U-18 now. She said, "Uncle, I am 21 years old now at USM". How time flies. I knew her when she was in form 3 (15 yrs old) and I still remember vividly the day I saw her crying after she was rejected from a PICA tournament. I wrote about her in, Sign of life from PICA, in the archive. I have always known Ainaa as a very kind girl who took Mark under her wing and looked after him when I was not there. I am glad she still plays chess.

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