Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More on children

I just got this email today. I'll copy below.

Dear Mr Raymond,

Hi !!! My name is Ramone and I am currently residing in Kampar,Perak. I am looking for a personal chess coach that is willing to come over to my place in Kampar say 2-3 times a week.I have no idea where to search but realised probably the Perak Chess Association can lend me a helping hand. Is there anyone whom you can recommend? Thanks. I have high hopes and determination in improving my game,hopefully to be a National Master one day for a start.

Best regards,
ramone mikgail kok.

I love this kid's spirit. NM for a start!! Big hopes and dreams. Is he realistic? Maybe not. But how do we know? We don't. He could be our next GM for all we know. I feel our job is to guide this kid. Help him clarify his goals. Send him to tournaments so that he understands the reality of that goal. What it takes. The sacrifices and the sweat. But the most important thing is to protect that spirit. Even if he doesn't become an NM for a start and then an FM, IM and GM, he will be somebody of worth. He may become our Bill Gates. That is an awesome responsibility.

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  1. Thanks for your optimism.It is greatly appreciated.Just like what I have told IM Jimmy Liew on his blog,most of malaysian chess players are contented with their achievements,by malaysian standards,not on the international arena. They have no one to look up to unlike those who sings the same national anthem as Bobby Fisher,Kasparov and Vishy Anand.This is one mentality that we need to scrape to bring us out from the current dire straits that we are livelessly floating on.

    I wont give up my hope and dreams.I know deep inside there is a potential and the will and I will bring it till i realise my ambitions.I am positive on getting there one day.

    I am looking forward to knowing more on the Chess Academy.

  2. I am working on the academy's blogsite even as we speak. It should be up by Thursday. Hope to see you at our launch.

  3. http://www.auschess.org.au/articles/chessmind.htm