Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reality is Reality

Had a very interesting conversation with a friend over CNY. She said one mustn't talk about negative things. So here is my take. What do we mean when we say we mustn't be negative?

If we choose reality as the median, and if what is before us is not well, its just that; its just the current reality. Nothing negative about that. It doesnt mean it cannot be changed.

So what is negativity?

Negativity is when you accept defeat before all is lost. When you are mentally vanquished before the game has started or ended. When you take the pessimistic view before all the evidence is in. When you stop fighting while there is still a realistic chance.

The other side of the median is just as bad. Euphoria. You become careless before the fat lady sings. You deny the evidence before you that all is not won yet. A fantasy based on denial.

But when all the evidence is properly examined and the analysis is that all is not well, it is not negativity, its just reality.

Happy Chinese New Year. May this year of the tiger find you grounded in reality. And if you do something about it, I believe you will gain higher ground. My best wishes to all my readers and to all Malaysian chess players.

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