Monday, February 8, 2010

Hello again

It's been a very productive few days. Still alot of things swirling in my head so will take a little time to digest and keep you informed. Anyway heard from Greg that NAG has U18 this year and so we are going to make it there. See you in Penang. Still not sure about going to MSSM now that it's back again. Last year took nearly 2 months with selections over and over again and Mark can't miss that much school this year.


  1. Two months ? That's ridiculous. Someone from MCF better check this out.

  2. Actually MSSM is organised by the Ministry of Education and MCF has little influence in the matter. Last year the process was selection at school, then compete at district level, then reselection again. Then go to State level, play that and then reselection again. Then to National level. A very long and tiring process and not something to look forward to in a major exam year and Mark has SPM this year.

  3. Sorry. Forgot. After State level reselection there is centralised training. So all in all a heck of a long process.