Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Announcement- First GM Chess Academy

If there is one thing I've learned from life, its that you cannot change anyone. They must want to change themselves. So if anything is important to do, organise it yourself. The First GM Chess Academy is just that. A few friends that share a vision to make a difference. Here's the link

Please call Simon 019 5725925 if you have any further enquiries. I am also arranging for you to meet IM Lim Yee Weng on the 21st March. Finalising details with him. Watch out for the announcement. Thinking of a Simul with him.


  1. Im 20 but the Academy is only for those till 15. Can I still join? I hope age is just a number as my passion for chess is stronger than that of a 15 year old =). I am mature enough to know my aims and goals so hopefully I would be given due consideration. Thanks

  2. We are currently expanding on the courses available. Please be patient. You are welcome to visit us to meet Lim Yee Weng. He will be with us on the 21st. Lets talk more then. All my best.