Friday, February 19, 2010

The run up to NAG

There are 2 tournaments I think will be most useful to players who are serious about the NAG. And both of them are conducted by Jax Tham of Excel Chess. The first is his 10/20/30 on the 26 Feb. Details here

The 10/20/30 is 10 rounds of 20mins with 30sec increments. This will give you plenty of practice in handling the 30sec increment.

The other tournament is his First Saturday on March 6th. My suggestion to Jax is to change the time control to 60+30 to follow the NAG format. Then you will have 2 practice sessions before the big fight to represent the country. So Jax, this is my request for entry for Mark. See you then.

We will also be going to UTP this Sunday. UTP is a Perak event and we need to remove some of the rust. :)

Good luck to all in the coming tournaments.

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