Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The parts, the whole and the disease.

Some guy on gilachess shoutbox says that having a Head of Delegation who acts responsibly to the players has nothing to do with chess. The venue they stay in has nothing to do with chess. What can I say? He has obviously never played at a high level International Tournament before. And he has definitely never been on the winners podium. So he is must be just an idiot.

Anyone who has been to Jimmy's site and seen the bunch of negative people that congregate there, because they are carefully nurtured like minds, will think that all chess people are like that. No big deal right? They have the right to their opinion, they have the right to slander, tear down, lie, etc. etc.

But wait. Are they representative of the chess players, chess parents, chess officials and organisers you know? Or are they like the few meek people who suddenly act like road rage maniacs the moment they are behind a car?

So now comes a sponsor. He goes into our chess blogs and he sees these people on the shoutboxes with a brain the size of a pea and much smaller IQ's. Would the sponsor think all chess people are like them? They are the most vocal. They threaten, harangue etc. The parts and the whole.

The entire chess community is now tarred by the same brush. What would a surgeon do if he found a diseased part in the body? That disease has even got the players to think they are at fault when they have not been taught how to win, have not been given the tools, the resources or the support to win. A malignant disease and it wants to spread.

What will you think of us if you are an outsider looking in. Would you want to sponsor these people? Are they in the way? Or do they genuinely represent your voice? Because if they do, then dont dream of getting good sponsors. The parts and the whole.

A suggestion. Close down the shoutboxes or delete stupid posts. Unless you are like them of course. Support the blogs that are furthering chess and delink from the ones that are doing damage. Then visitors may want to visit and spend time with us. Seriously, if the chess community is represented by those voices, we are doomed.

Fix the faulty parts and the whole will function.


  1. In my opinion, the venue really influence the whole performance of a player in a tournament..imagine if we spent 30 minutes/1 hour just for travelling back n forth from our hotel to the venue?? we could use the time to take a rest n prepare for the next game.. And about the disease thingy, i think we can't improve if keep on condemning or pointing to others.. We must help each other out!! That's how chess in Malaysia could be improving.. Credits to all especially Mr.Masrin n Mr. Raymond here for making the effort!! -Izz-

  2. Hi Izz, Anyone who has fought tough tournaments know that but thank you for saying so. What is more important at this juncture of our history is to stop the spread of the poison further. We need proper codes of conduct if we are to advance chess further. The chess community need to put its best foot forward if we are to get the support and sponsorship we need to advance. To do that we need to stop giving a voice to the people who are trying to tear down any improvement for the betterment of chess. They cannot be ignored. Do read my next posting.