Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The power of believe and the Mal/Sing. story.

Believe lends confidence. The first thing I ask the players is if they believe in the training they are receiving. Do they trust their Trainer, their Coach?

If the players believe that they are getting comparable training as their opponents are getting, it lends believe. It lends confidence.

If the training is started early enough so that the players can work on their weaknesses instead of doing quick emergency repairs just before the Tournament, it lends confidence, it lends believe. But all these take coordination, proper support.

If the parents know that they have the financial support, then they are less stressed and can be more supportive in other ways.

Now if the players are getting all this and they still fail then the spotlight should be on the player. That is nurturing Talent.

If the player has none of the above and he still wins; If he is able to run the Olympics without shoes and win. That is mental strength. That is grit.

Malaysia vs Singapore is no small thing. We won away from home. We won with less resources, less training and less preparation. So why is this achievement put down by Jimmy? Is today's chess comparable to running? How would our IM's have faired in todays Asian Youth? That would be an interesting test.

Kaulshal, if you had been given proper resources, given proper training and support and you didnt win, I'll look at you and say you suck at chess. I'll agree that its the players fault. But would it be fair for me to say that now? Be fair to yourself. Dont take the blame for other peoples shortcoming.

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