Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Code of conduct

Nobody in their right mind will support a community bent on destroying itself. No good sponsor will do so simply because that community really cannot be helped. But the culture of a few people is giving all of us a bad name and giving the impression to the outside world that we condone such behaviour.

In the Lim Zhuo Ren case, I am told that he was attacked until he broke down and forced to write that email. I am also informed that he was lied to about the selection and told that a deal had been struck for him to represent Malaysia for SEA games even if he lost in the selection; if he wrote that email. This is unbecoming conduct.

The attacks by those few people on Air Asia has lead to no sponsorship for training this year. Do the maths on the number of people going to Asean this year and measure the quantum of damage they have done.

The active sabotage of FGM's Thematic Tournaments is a most vicious act. No alternative offered.

How are we to get our players to the next level if we allow this type of behaviour to occur again and again?

I do not think we can afford to close our eyes anymore. If they cannot offer a better solution then do not threaten the bloggers who are supporting the event and do not sabotage.

Our community had better wake up and start to work together to build a better future or we will all still be here 30 years from now and saying the same old thing. Stop these unrepresentative voices on the shoutboxes. Do not give exposure to the vile and slanderous sites. And do not allow these few people to intimidate you to the point you cannot decide what is right and wrong. That too is mental strength. Display this strength against these people and it will also be reflected in your chess game. If you can be intimidated by mosquitoes, then you have no chance against strong minds across the chess board.

Clean up our own house and the sponsors will come. Help make us a community worth supporting. Help to make us a strong community.

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