Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Every new generation of players....

Must strive to go further than the old guards. Every new chess official must strive to be better than his/her predecessor. Then we have progress.

So when lies are spread that they are all washed up when they are not GM by 15yo, we must correct those lies. When they are told that they must wait their turn till the old guards retire or they will make enemies, we must raise our vigilance; if we want progress.

When they bully, lie to and attack one of our Juniors till he breaks down, we must get to the truth of the matter or we will have no next generation. I don't think all the IM's are involved but those that are not should speak up or be tainted by the action of their peers.

When they sabotage the only training available to our Juniors before National Representation, we must ask why? When they attack the sponsors, we must investigate the reasons behind those attacks and then we must count the cost.

Go there and listen to their reasons. Here. A handful of people there are trying to reverse any attempts by our chess community to progress. Go there and listen to them. Find out for yourself.

Ask them, what is their solution? Ask them why they need to pick on the Juniors? Ask them why they need to lie? What are they trying to accomplish? What is their goal?

We need our Juniors not to be afraid of them. We need them to see that these people are paper tigers. We need them to fight hard to improve their chess and to go forward.

And if these very very few people become our enemies, so be it. The price of ignoring them; the price of accommodating them is too high. The price is stagnation or even reversal of our chess ambitions. They are just too destructive.

So come on Juniors, get back into the fight. Kaulshal, Izz and all the rest of you guys. The race is not over. Dont let these gangster type people intimidate you. Tell them to pick on someone their own size. The road to those IM norms, GM is wide open. But first you need to stand up for yourself. And then you have to wipe the floor with them on the chess board. This is chess.


  1. "When they bully and lie and attack one of our Juniors till he breaks down, "

    I want to state that I am not involved in this in any other way other than posting an email which Zhuo Ren requested of me.

    If you know who they are, then print their names. If you have proof and witnesses you have nothing to fear.

  2. Thank you for the clarification. So can I just assume that you just carry slander and lies on your blog without any investigation on your part?

    Can I also say that you actively support those type of people too?

    By the way, did you ever find out the truth about the Asean initiative? Can I also say that instead of advising a distraught young boy, you encouraged him to join your little band of people who distort and lie? And by the way, can you now support this boy in his quest to be IM? By your actions have you not damaged him in anyway?

    Dont try to wriggle out of this Jimmy. You are responsible for many damaging action.

    I think I will leave to Zhuo Ren to undo his part in this. He needs to see this issue clearly and then he needs to make a decision on this. I hope someday he will realise who you really are. Then he can be strong and not be used as a pawn in your games anymore.

  3. I think you need to account to those parents and players who are taking part in Asean this year too. I hear the overall cost has gone up by RM 1K. I hope you can now make restitution to them in some way. Look at the damage you are causing jimmy. Count the cost. And for what? What are you trying to do? I have asked you before. Be an example for the Juniors, be worthy of respect. But you insist of going down this path. You reap what you sow Jimmy. I hope you can change and I hope you will be responsible for all your actions.

  4. So you are saying I am the one involved?

  5. Learn to read Jimmy. Isnt it about time you do that? Are you going to compensate them for the loss of training this year? Are you going to compensate them for the financial hardship? Are you party to spreading the slander, the distortions and the lies? Any clearer now? If not get an English teacher. I dont teach that here. Here we talk about mental strength, which means here we learn to see past the illusions, the lies and the distortions. You can try to apply for enrollment to FGM Jimmy, if you want. But dont hold your breathe.

  6. I see you have a lot of hate and anger. But I just wanted an answer to a simple question.

  7. The hate comes from you Jimmy. I do not hate you. But yes I am angry. I get angry when I see a young talented boy attacked for no good reason. I get angry when there are people who provide no solutions but live only to tear down others; people who have no conscience about who they hurt. And I get angry when they then try to portray themselves as Saints and benefactors. So yes I am angry about your actions. Do you not feel anything about the damage you have done? For the hardships you have caused?

  8. I still cannot get a straight answer from you. let me put the question more clearer. Are you saying I am the one attack Zhou Ren? Just Yes or No will do.

  9. Answer my questions first. Then go back and read again. I have given you my answer. I do not need to repeat it. Then go back to the shell you came from. I have no more time for you. Thank you for dropping by. See you in Malaysia Open or KL Open. We can continue this debate there, if you are playing of course.

  10. You anonymously came to my shoutbox and pretty much said it was me ( Oh yes, I know it is you). Why you do not have the courage to use your real name or the guts to put it in print here. So much for telling others not to hide behind anonymity. One set of rules for you and another set for everyone else.