Friday, August 30, 2013

What do you think? I think this is something we should think about seriously.

Ref: Here.

For Malaysian chess to progress, we will need the following conditions:

1. We need to increase our internal competition by ensuring that there are no more shortcuts/fixing. Stop the gajuh kampong mentality. For that to happen we need the support of parents/players to accept the results of the written selection criteria. Consider this. How are we to compete with our neighbours if we cannot even compete in a healthy and rule based manner at home?

So the focus must be on improving those selection criteria.

2. We need the sponsors to support MCF by not trying to influence selection and paying the money direct into MCF.

For that to happen, we need strict management of the finances so that money is not filtered out unnecesarily into unauthorised accounts. That will build confidence for investment.

3. We also need the traditional sponsors of chess to stop their people from sabotaging efforts by others so that chess becomes a magnet for more and more support and funding.

4. We need private academies, coaches and trainers to understand that the way forward is by selection and not by fattening of Fide rating to bypass competition.

5. We need to foster a climate of learning and experimentation simply because chess is a mind sport and developing the mind and reasoning are the corner stones to progress.

6. We need to be result oriented so that our players are given goals and targets to achieve and not just go to overseas tournaments aimlessly and already mentally defeated.

For that to happen, we need to develop our understanding of competitor analysis.

For all of the above to happen, we will need an MCF/State Affiliates that will govern the chess community fairly and allow the expressions of private enterprise to flourish and not to allow their authority to be misused.

Ergo we need unity of purpose and the proper understanding of the roles of each within the chess community.

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