Thursday, August 8, 2013

More on the petition and general comments on the Interview.

First my apologies for the length of the just concluded interview. However I think if you read through it carefully you will see that there is a lot there. There is now due process for conflict resolution if you have issues with MCF officials or State Affliates etc. So I urge you to use the process. Personally I am not totally convinced that the show cause letter on Kedah is not selective prosecution but we can only see this in better context when we see which other issues are brought up for discipline over time. But at least there is due process in place. Which now brings me to the petition.

Ref: Here.

This post was referred to me after the interview. So lets take a very good look. Encik Muammar highlighted that the COS letter by Kedah and this petition are 2 separate matters and I agree. This petition is about a totally different subject and I am not even sure it has any basis. Mr Quah mentioned that it is about the "abuse" of Federation funds and yet in the petition it seems to imply that the Council expects the money to come out of thin air or from the pockets of the President and/or Deputy President. Is there something wrong with that expectation?

FGM blog has made many suggestions in the past on how MCF can get additional revenue by running National events differently; instead of sub letting it out to private entities. Let private entities organize private tournaments and MCF organise National Tournaments. What is so difficult about that? This helps in 2 ways. Certain private organisers cannot use MCF and National events to profit just because they are in the committee or have cables to the committee and MCF can charge a levy for services rendered when there is request for Fide or National rating by private organisers on a sliding scale of services provided. So there is a good source of revenue already isn't there. So were there deliberations to find other solutions to the shortage of funds? Or did some of the Council members just sit down, cry and then put out their hands for money? Or I call for an EGM.

My next question. If there are seemingly so many Council members in opposition why can't they use due process to change decisions? Why can't they put in a motion and get a vote on it? They claim to be superior in numbers do they not? How can there not be any votes on issues unless they did not speak up during the Council meetings? And that is my main point. The Council members must know the Constitution and the powers vested in them.

You do not speak up, the motion is passed and the decision made. What is absolutely not correct is to then write poison letters and then send it out to bloggers to tarnish the reputation and character of their fellow officers because they did not have the courage to speak up during Council meetings.

This is all wrong. Do it properly. Get an agenda before meetings, know what the issues are, think about it seriously before you get to the meeting and then make good decisions when you get there. Debate if you have to, argue it out. There are more ways of looking at things then just your own preferences. That is why you are a Council of officers. To get the best possible decision from a pool of different experiences.

So very honestly, this petition is about the failings of the entire Council and then wanting to put the blame on the 2 perceived Santa Clauses in their midst. If there are Council members in MCF who feel they cannot contribute then they should resign with some dignity. Ask yourself this question, have you exercised your responsibility that you undertook to carry out when you took up office?

I also have another problem with this petition. Not all problems can be solved at once. You need to prioritise and then tackle them one at a time. You need to find acceptable solutions to the majority backed up with good reasons and not be the source of more problems. Are those people in the petition expecting perfection all in one go? And without any effort?

So while I still think there is merit in the letter by Kedah to COS and I hope that matter can be quickly and amicably resolved (and as far as I can see due process is being followed), I cannot see the merit of this petition at all.

So I urge all the Council members who are party to this petition, think what you can do for MCF and not what MCF can do for you. Then we will progress.

Thank you for your time and Selamat Hari Raya.

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