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Deja vu at the Malaysian Open.

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The intense pressure of the Malaysian Open is usually very instructive as to the character of the chess players. But funnily enough it also reveals the character of the other players; the players of the EGM. No later than the first day of the tournament I witnessed this event. I will relate the event and you can draw your own conclusions.

I saw a commotion in the distance and walked over to find out what it was about. My interest was piqued since it involved a "blogger" who is backing the call for the EGM. When I got over I was informed that the issue was that this blogger had taken a room alloted to our National players. And I was informed after he walked away that he refused to vacate the room and demanded that MCF write him a letter of explanation as to why he should vacate the room given to National players.

I am glad to inform you that MCF did not take this lying down and the issue was resolved and I did not see that person again for the rest of the tournament. So this is an improvement as far as I can see. Perhaps next year there can be another step forward where the room keys are not given to him in the first place.

Why do I say that? It is quite simple. This man is known within MCF for this type of behaviour. Let me account my own experience with that same man in 2009 (which is also known to the MCF officials present at the Malaysian Open). At that time I was the State official for Perak. Perak sponsored 2 rooms in Cititel for our players. At the time when we left for the event we only had a 4 member junior team and we were still unsure if it was possible to send a senior team for whom I was still trying to look for sponsors.

And so I split the boys up into 2 rooms of 2 each while I stayed outside. However I saw later that a senior team of sorts managed to go. I say of sorts because one of the players may not have been strictly Perakian. But 3 confirmed senior team Perakians were enough for me to make a decision. I spoke to the boys and they agreed to move into one room and allow the senior players the other room.

I was not going to allow my State players to sleep and rest in the corridors. But this blogger refused to allow this. He wanted the room for himself. Yes, he moved in while the State official slept outside and the Perak senior team slept outside and in the corridors between games.

However the President of PICA did not support my decision. This blogger threatened to pull out his children if his demands were not met. Yes, he had 2 children on the junior team. So he got clean away with his demands on the State Affiliate. So he was emboldened. And now he is trying to do the same at the National level.

I think there is a problem when we reward bad behaviour. That person now just further escalates that type of behaviour.

This same blogger had also gone around casting aspersions on my integrity after my sacking without any grounds from PICA as the Chair of the selection committee then. Now my readers, how do we tell whether this man speaks the truth or not?

Go to the team event in Merdeka Team now. Do you see a Perak Team there? Yes, there was no selection at all. He just put his children in without a contest. Can you now see why he was so keen for my removal?

So now do you know who this man really is and what he is really about? Why do you think he is supporting the EGM? What do you think his intentions are? Now when I write, I state my position clearly. Ref: Here. I now ask you to go back on this blog and see if there are any inconsistencies in my stand on issues from when I started writing to now. And then go back and read X-pose and see how that man makes his "stands". Compare and decide for yourself what this EGM really stands for. In Malay the word is what is the "niat" of this EGM?

Tomorrow's post: What I found out about the issues behind the EGM during Malaysian Open.

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