Friday, August 9, 2013

A few words before Malaysian Open.

In a few hours time we will be travelling to the Malaysian Open. And if our traditions hold true there will be another chess game on the sides even as the true fighters of Malaysian chess will be slugging it out on the tables. So there will probably be a lot of meetings, side meetings etc that may decide our future as a chess community.

So I hope you will allow me to say this now. I know of 2 types of people generally. One type can see positive developments amidst the unresolved issues and work harder to achieve more results AND the other type can see the faults and only the faults. So which type do you think is capable of building something good and which type can only tear down?

Yes, I was angry when I read the petition and maybe that is why it was kept away from me and given to Mr Quah instead. Maybe it is because I can see from the signatories the ones that supported the entry of the undesirable when I argued about the dangers of his inclusion. And now they want to put that blame on someone else.

Maybe it is because I can see from the signatories the one who told me not to teach him how to suck sweets when I suggested that he exercised his authority as a Council member but now I see he is learning how to write poison letters.

So yes I can see that you are angry but I wonder if you can remember any possible reason why I should be angry or even if I have any right to feel angry. So I would like to jolt your memory a little if I may just so that when you deliberate you may also want to add this little fact in.

Who's idea was it to bring a contest to the AGM? And who first suggested the candidates? Who was the one who made the introductions to the official of a key State that swung the vote count? etc etc etc.

Did I ever ask for office or a favour in return for my work? What was all this about originally? Was it not for the end of banning without legitimate grounds? Was it not for the building up of Malaysian chess rather than painfully watching it slowly slide into oblivion? Was it not to preserve the efforts of the States and the private organisers/coaches/trainers from being washed down the drain by people who uses the authority vested in MCF to frustrate their good work?

So what has the contest that started at the AGM now become? I am informed that the undesirable has now left MCF and there is now due process for conflict resolution. So what more do you want? The letter to COS has been sent and if there is merit the case will be heard. So is there any need to now add your strange and insincere demands for an EGM? Shouldn't that call be made on honest grounds? Do you remember the original aims at all or is this now about something else?

Kedah's suspension has now been lifted. The undesirable has left. You say you are the majority in the Council. So do it the proper way. Argue your case in Council and follow the Constitution.

Learn how to work as a team. Advice the new people who are in the Council. Don't give bad advice like suspending Kedah. Look at yourself. Very honestly, if you cannot see the contributions I have made to the contest in the AGM then you will also not be able to see the contributions of your fellow officers in Council.

Simply put, this petition is now part of the problem if what you are seeking is to build. COS has been engaged. The "undesirable" that you yourself wanted in originally has now left. There are no more legitimate grounds under proper due process to continue this fight unless your intention now is to tear down by fabricating "issues" through poison letters, innuendos and character assasination.

And Mr Quah is also wrong on this point. Ref: Here.

The AGM is not so much about old team members trying to get themselves re-elected as much as the Petition for the EGM is about old team members trying to get themselves back in after being removed during the AGM. (by exploiting some mistakes made by the new Council)

Furthermore who are the so called "senior committee members" who's advice has been ignored? There are only elected members and appointed members. Which one of you call yourself senior? And on what grounds?

So as you deliberate in your meetings over Malaysian Open, you probably won't remember my contributions but that is ok. I never did this for the recognition or for a reward in the first place. All I am hoping for is that you remember that you all originally undertook to do all this to build up MCF. And not to tear it down. So I hope you remember that at least. Where are the player's interests in all your machinations?

That petition is wrong and has no grounds. What is really needed is for all of you to go back to the table in Council and trash this thing out for the benefit of Malaysian chess. Put aside your egos and self interest. There has been some progress so far. So lend your shoulder to that effort so there is more progress rather than shooting each other down. I hope you will remember what I have said this morning as you watch me walking up and down during the Malaysian Open.

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