Friday, August 2, 2013

The secret to unlocking the Malaysian GM.

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In my conversations with Council members, one of them mentioned that the struggle within MCF is about power and the preservation of power. I have no doubt that this is true. However I hope the contestants in this power struggle can pause a little to reflect on this. If in this struggle the players are sacrificed to the altar of their ego's then this will be a pyrrhic and hollow victory.

If the players are given short cuts they will never be strong. If you attack and bring down the players developed by others through foul means instead of improving your own chess in order to win, you will never be strong.

If at the end of the struggle and you do win and control MCF and the States are sacrificed, MCF will never be strong for you cannot do it alone with just your cronies. Strong people develop strong organisations and cronies develop weak organisations.

Following this logic strong States lead to strong MCF, you think?

If you want MCF for your branding then the best possible branding is when our players go up on the podium by winning against a strong International field without any "fixing". Then you can look on with pride filled eyes and know that you have helped our players achieve this. Otherwise you will just be organising events to see foreigners come and take away our money, our prizes and our pride.

To me that is the way to build up Malaysian chess and paving the road to that GM.

And I also believe that it is the lack of this understanding that is the main reason why the previous administrations of MCF could not progress. If they had done it right we would be seeing strong players developed by MCF today instead of the very sorry story we are now telling.

So how this story will end now rests on those in the struggle for power or to maintain power today. It is now for you to write the rest of that story. So I hope you can take a little time to reflect on what you are trying to achieve. Besides just getting more power I mean.

For your consideration. Why don't we stop the poison letters and character assasinations? Why don't we stop the sabotage and sit down and talk as officers and gentlemen or else allow the arbiter to rule on this? Why don't each of us accept our own responsibility and stop blaming the other for our own failings? Why don't we try reasoning this out for a change?

All my best for Malaysian chess.

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