Sunday, August 1, 2010

Need to move away from all cheap tricks.

I had a discussion with Mark this morning about some openings and we spoke about cheap tricks in particular. You see cheap tricks work against the inexperienced and the frightened. As you move forward, you'll find it doesnt work anymore. Cheap tricks rely on manipulation, lies, half truths, obsfucation etc.

It is not based on understanding. As you approach mastery level it is understanding that takes you through. Let me use a few examples here.

After Asean, we began to realise, that we were ill equiped to teach our younger kids. I would have thought that would spur us to learn about what teaching methods would be more suitable, what type of teacher would be more suitable? Instead I see another "package" devised that, to my knowledge, has not addressed these glaring weaknesses.

From what I read about the Fide issues, it seems that sponsorship is a big problem. We tried to address that in the Asean training, we spoke at length to MCF and the supplier about what we are looking for to enable us to get long term sponsorship. What the corporates are looking for. And we saw blatant sabotage. We tried to talk about it but was rebuffed. So now are we back to cheap tricks again? Con another sponsor. Get what we want and give no value to them?

This mindset only looks for short term gain. It cannot last the race. These methods are akin to cheap trick openings.

When I built my online business, we went the route of giving value. Of under promising and over delivering. We didnt go the route of cheap tricks for "spectacular" growth but I think we were built to last.

If we can move away from the cheap tricks and quick short term gains, to the detriment of long term growth, I believe the GM will come. And we will have gained in confidence along the way. But first we need to produce a result and keeping the long term goal in mind.

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