Friday, May 2, 2014

The art of pusing pusing exposed.

Do read the comments. It is highly educational. Here.

Observe how Jimmy tries to blur his involvement from all the match fixing from the previous Olympiads and recent activities affecting the outcome of a team based on chess skills and merit by throwing all the blame on Kamaruddin, Yeap and Greg. And some mud should stick to all who know these 3 people.

A side note: Remember I once asked if there is any honour among thieves? Well this is the answer. Do you remember the times when Jimmy got in without any selection at all? Who helped him?

I do see some merit in both sets of arguments of using top 5 as per original criteria and strengthening the team. So I maintain that the best outcome is top 4 and then Yee Weng. That will be the best possible team although not strictly legally correct.

However I wonder how they can pusing until they add back Jimmy as a possible reserve. But like I said they are the experts in this. Clearly those anonymous people are from MCF or very closely linked.

Also they seem to have omitted the fact that Nicholas was not called to play as per the criteria. So Li Tian already knew that they will not call Nicholas when he went to Vietnam during National Close. The fact is Li Tian has never won any selection from the National Juniors when he tried in 2010 or any other National Close when he tried to qualify. Not even once has he qualified.

The fact is Li Tian cannot play strong chess in Open tournaments like the Juniors, National Close or indeed the Olympiads. He can only play in Closed tournaments where he is given the games of his opponents and then specially prepared.

And Yit San is not strong without his tag team and special pairing arrangements. Ref: Here.

I think one day we will see a totally fair selection where opportunities are given based on merit. Where the officials are not biased and will discipline players who tag teams and players who cheat using chess engines without fear or favour. Where there is no fixing of the pairings.

That will be the tournament to watch don't you think so? Now with all these cheating, back doors and pusing pusing we can't tell who can play or who can match fix. But real chess players will still turn up and play blind folded and one hand tied behind their backs because they know these weaklings won't last. At most all they will reach is Jimmy's standard which is no standard at all.

All they have to do is not be broken by all that psycho attacks. Is that right Jimmy?

ps: If my statement of facts can undermine their confidence then they should not be sent out to fight real chess players from a much tougher merit based environment. Merit based because then they really know they are good and not from the back door. If that is the case nobody can shake their self confidence. For they then know them to be lies. That is the poison the back door boys have ingested. They know they are not good and that they need to cheat to win. It is that simple.

Only cheaters are fearful of the light from the truth. Follow the Olympiads as well if you still need more evidence. Then hold the match fixers accountable. The problem always has been that they get away scott free each and every time. That is why they are so bold to cheat in broad daylight.

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