Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Please look in the mirror.

Ref: Here.

There is no need to pusing pusing. The simple reality is that those Countries care about their players. They have clean and tough selection. And they have no back door boys. All have to fight. And they don't bypass their strong players, don't attack or ban them without rhyme or reason.

And they don't have delusional and psychotic trainers/organisers. It's that simple. So there is no need to keep inventing stories. Just answer what happened at National Close and the selection during the Masters. That's all.

And then get those people who were responsible for the fiasco to resign. And we will catch up with the rest of Asean and hammer them to the ground. We have the talent and the resources. Unfortunately we also have MCF, Jimmy Liew, Peter Long and Eddy Fong.

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