Saturday, May 10, 2014

I cannot print your comments unless it comes with a name.

There are some accusations about the women's event. As I said I don't know. The women's side so far as I know, has been clean. But maybe it has changed. It is not that difficult to change it for the worse if there is "unofficial" "official" pressure.

One thing categorizes our top chess players. They are passionate about getting into the team. So if they are encouraged to fight then they will fight. If they are told that if they beat someone that will be frowned upon then they will comply. The officials know this.

Just like when they get the "unofficial" "official" nod to use chess engines, they will do it. They know they won't be caught.

So it is things like this that finally kills our chess. The players will fight when they know that MCF want fighters. And become cronies when MCF wants cronies.

That is all. It's in the culture. And our culture is that those officials went into MCF for the love of power. Not chess. And to demonstrate that power which gives them their reason for existence they need the players to kow tow. Otherwise how do they justify to themselves why they seek those seats.

So if they want to destroy Malaysian chess, there is nothing we can do unless you elect in a good team of people who genuinely want Malaysian chess to grow. There is no other way.

You can see how sick those people are, can't you? They can make black into white and lie through their teeth with no remorse. Look at Peter's post. Here. He can use the term the pot calling the kettle black. So what is his pusing? The pot that calls the kettle black saying that the pot is calling the kettle black? So let's not waste our breath anymore with these gangsters and liars.

If you can, work at the State Association level. Get a good team going. And when the time comes, kick the lot of them out. You know who these people are. That is the only hope for Malaysian chess. More than 30 years have shown us that nothing short of that will work.

But are you prepared to volunteer yourself to serve? To accept that serving in MCF is a burden which comes with responsibility and accountability. That those positions are not meant for you to gather personal power but to build Malaysian chess. That is the question.

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