Thursday, May 8, 2014

I have no views from the Women's Masters other than this.

I was asked by an anonymous commentator about my views on the Women's Masters. Sorry I did not follow that event as I was travelling. However I did see on FB, Peter telling Li Ting that he would have to help her improve her English next. As usual Peter is very fond of coming in at the last moment to "teach" the front runners just before the competition or claim them as his student after they have become Champion.

As far as I know anyone who gets too close to him ends up damaged.

Li Ting was Champion before Peter and my best advice to her is that if she wants to continue being a Champion, is to go to someone who is a fighter. Who is not afraid of competition and does not rely on banning and other back door ways.

The most important thing is the preservation of your fighting spirit. The knowledge can come faster or slower depending on who you choose as a trainer and how much effort you can put into your chess. But once the fighting spirit is taken out of you, you are lost. And the best way to get lost is to accept their facilitation for the back doors.

Look towards the men for the examples. How they can bypass our strong players without strong protest from them. Why is that? How would a fighter respond to being cheated? Look carefully and you will know that is not the way. There are no shortcuts to being chess Champions. And those who take the shortcuts will crash in the International arena.

It is very very very obvious if you but stop and think. They cannot even do that so what can they do to help you?

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