Saturday, May 31, 2014

My contribution to this deflective conversation started by Jimmy.


I wonder if the people taking part in this discussion really know what Jimmy is up to? Study his standard modus operandi and you won't be so easily fooled in the future.

Let me give you a clue here. Why do you think there are so many theories surrounding the missing MAS 370? Spin enough stories and some people will get confused. Spin more and people will just give up trying to understand.

So allow me to add my 2cents to try to make some sense out of this.

The most transparent reason why Jimmy is crying wolf is to deflect from the bypass of Nicholas Chan by Yeoh Li Tian. Some people say that Li Tian is strong. But look at his history from 2010. He has never won a selection but he has represented Malaysia on the senior team. Look at his games. He cannot even win against even the 1900's. The fact is that he would not have qualified any other way. He doesn't have what it takes. He has many drawing weapons that he is only now trying to move away from. Right now he can only win in select tournaments after he has been specially prepared by his backers inside/outside MCF with the latest games by his opponents from NC. Those will not be the conditions he will have at Tromso.

So it is really Li Tian who has taken away many opportunities from the other strong players via the back door in order to develop himself.

Isn't that the fact but look at what you are arguing about?

This is why I think MCF has reversed the decision on the Masters. 

I suspect that they are under legal advice not to address the complain of search engine usage during National Close. Why? For if they do then the affected players will have legal claim to ask for redress. And this includes Mark. So find out more about that accusation if you really want to understand the decision.

That is why a clean selection is important. Now MCF is twisting and turning to justify what to me is the best outcome barring a clean decision on NC itself.

It's that simple. This is what Jimmy does. Don't you know this by now? How much evidence do you need before you can see that he is a fraud? Him and his accomplices.

You think he is fighting for you. But really he is putting the spot light on you so that the person he is really helping gets clean away. He knows that MCF won't reverse that decision so it is only you who will be damaged further from this. I tried to warn you in 2010 but you didn't listen.

Look and see what he has done to you. Look and see what you have become. And you still think you are so smart?

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