Saturday, May 18, 2013

Self esteem and Chess Champions.

Many years ago I read an article that said that the Government of California identified that raising the self esteem of it's citizens was the single most important factor for the success of the State. That set me thinking. Of all the many pressing concerns, how could they single out this as the highest priority?

The clue to this answer is more apparent when we watch American Idol for instance. The contestants are frequently asked to own the stage. What does that mean if not having self esteem, a sense of self worth and self confidence?

So how does one achieve that elusive characteristic?

I think it must begin with believing that you deserve the stage. That you have paid the price and according to the rules.

That self belief cannot be cheaply bought. It cannot come from cheating, from sabotaging players you know are more deserving than you. Self worth means its about you and what you know deep inside you about you. And you cannot hide from yourself.

Some players have asked me in the past of what do I mean by mental strength? How can it be developed? My answer to you today is that it comes from your sense of self worth.

In any evaluation of odds, we have what is called book form. And that is an evaluation of what can be seen. And then we give the odds. But there is always one unseen factor that can change book odds. And that is the heart; the fighting spirit....mental strength...

I hope you can see now why you must never give up your self esteem and still want to be a Chess Champion. Just technical alone is not enough. You need your heart to go with you into the mental fight. You need to know you deserve to win; deep inside....that you have worked hard and done the right training.

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