Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MCF, new ruling, post election and selection criteria, for National Close.

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I have always argued that chess can be a place where we can be a living example for the rest of Malaysia on how all Malaysians can work together and yet have healthy competition which is essentially about self improvement. Chess, the mind sport, where we can demonstrate how it works when we are united by our passion for the sport, where we remove politics from our consideration and only care for our players who will then stand for the pride of our Nation.

We too have had our AGM (election) and also not without incidences. I have tried to show that the selection criteria is also not very fair. But that is also behind us now. The decisions and rulings have been made. And so we head for the National Close on the 28th.

At Selangor Open, the above new ruling was one of the most discussed topic. I have had discussions with MCF Council members, State Affiliate Committee members, Chess Club officials, players and parents over this. And the views are varied. This is my feedback.

It is apparent that not all are so worried about the new ruling. It seems to me that there are States with little or no history of the abuse of players and so they show no major concern here. However to those who come from States with a long history of abuses they are very worried indeed. I am told that some are even looking to join new States or have done so etc etc.

However some Council members have assured me that no State Affiliate can just prevent players from representing the State without legitimate grounds. But this is still early days so I won't comment much more. However this is my experience so far. I called the President of the Perak Chess Association when the details of National Close was announced and was asked by him to move Mark to Selangor. So that is already not a good sign. However I have written in and made the application for Mark to play for Perak in the normal way.

I am informed by the Secretary that there is a meeting on Saturday to discuss this so there is hope yet that maybe there have been some changes for the better.

I sure hope MCF has some mechanisms in place to look after the players who have worked their hearts out in preparation for National Close even though the chances seem slim for success with many strong players fighting for very few spots on the one hand and a pre-selected group who will more likely have a walk in the park on the other.

We have accepted those conditions. So I wonder what else can be done to even or uneven the odds for the the players aspiring to try to enter the senior squad?

I will keep you informed of the progress. I think this will be a good testing ground of how the new MCF Council will govern the chess community. Will it be rule based and fair? Or will it be otherwise? I have always argued that clean selection is the key to a healthy chess community.

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