Monday, May 6, 2013

Musings on change from a chess perspective.

I went to bed last night a little sad when I heard about the many stories of cheating during PRU13. And this is my perspective. There can be no change unless we change ourselves first. It seems to me that we are always trying to change the other.

This is what I tell my son. If you want to win on the chess table and you think there is cheating, then be the better player. That is the only way. It is almost impossible to convince the other that cheating is not the way. That is a choice that only they can make when the time is right. Maybe one day, when they realise that by cheating they do not become any better as a person or as a chess player.

So just keep changing yourself and don't keep using up all your energy trying to change something or someone that cannot be changed. Changing them is the job of a higher power, not yours.

Your only job on earth is to change yourself. And funnily, I think when you do that, you will find that change can indeed come.

I think that is a lesson that chess can teach us.

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  1. There is another wierd story on cheating of another type:

    Please throw some light on the tecnical matters - whether invitational tournament details should be shared with public or not.