Sunday, April 17, 2011

FGM response to NM Lim Zhuo Ren

Ref: Here.

Dear Zhuo Ren

I have just returned from KL this evening and as you know I have been there since Saturday morning. So I am rather surprised to hear that I have deleted your comments on my blog. I only heard about your email this morning and called you to find out what the issues were. You first denied writing anything and when pressed you said you posted your email on my blog. I checked later in the morning but there is nothing there. In fact I only found your email on Jimmy's site. So its rather puzzling to me that you do not even know where you posted your comments.

But assuming it was a cyber glitch and your emails on my blog did get deleted by a ghost; I wonder why you didnt just call me to say you have changed your mind? There was no compulsion for you to fill in the enrolment form to join FGM.

You told me that you are not attacking me this morning but dont you think that email on Jimmy's site is an attack? So let me clarify a few things here. First of all it was you who called me to ask if you can join with Sumant who was coming to my house for training.

And your enrolment with FGM has no bearing to us taking away any credit from Mok or your parents. My post was merely a statement of enrolment and the training at my home. Are you now saying that you did not fill in the form and/or you did not attend the training? Or you are not proud to be a member of FGM? Then why sign up? Why is this subject even brought up?

You joined FGM after hearing about my intended program to support national players in FGM with air tickets to tournaments and also my intention to try to arrange scholarships for those FGM players who do our Country proud by winning medals among other initiatives being planned.

FGM's sponsors are with us without knowing who you are and have been with us well before you attended my training as my guest (on your request) and well before you enrolled. So how are you helping Malaysian Chess to get sponsors again?

It is FGM that is giving support to players from our business contacts and not the other way round. Are you really that conceited to think that your title carries that much weight in the corporate arena?

In fact I told you FGM evaluates on 4 criteria. Talent, Technical Ability, Attitude and Mental Strength. So your title means little to us. Even IM's mean little to us if they do not pass the 4 criteria.

I am still not totally convinced that you have returned our goodwill with this ungracious attack. But if you did then you are not the material we are looking for. FGM will not sponsor a player to get negative feedback from the training or tournament they went to. Attitude. And without good attitude you cannot develop mental strength. We have spoken on this at length.

I think you have been mislead and ill used. Think on it. I hope those who have influenced you can now provide you with the support that you will need to progress. If not they will have damaged you from this action. Learn to see clearly who these "friends" really are.

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