Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why Thematic Tournaments?

Both GM Ziaur Rahman and GM Wen Yang told me that you cannot be a strong player if you avoid mainline theories. There is a lot of knowledge about the game of chess itself if you play mainline. More than that it's also about learning first in order to win later. And that means playing for the love of the game, learning, and not just for prize money or placing in all tournaments.

FGM's Ruy Lopez tournament is structured just for that. That is why the prize money and trophy is only given to the Champion. That is his reward for taking out his kung fu and playing his best Ruy Lopez so that the rest of the participants can benefit from his learning.

You are encouraged to experiment and learn in our Thematics. So read up, try out new ideas and with this new learning you will have a better chance of winning in more important tournaments. That is the way to grow. At the tournament I will also be talking about competitor analysis and strategy.

Both Sumant and NM Lim Zhuo Ren are now training in my house and developing a deeper understanding in this.

So see you at our Thematic Tournament where I will also share this knowledge with you.

All my best in your chess development.

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