Friday, April 1, 2011

Musings on "technical" viewpoints.

I try to compare this view with my perception of what it takes to make those 3 GM norms. Here.

From what I can see of IM Goh's battle to get that one GM norm, here, I feel that the author has missed the point. Can that GM norm be measured purely from a mathematical angle? Or is it one where strength of character counts more; the intangibles count more? Now Goh just has to repeat that feat 2 more times. Read his description closely.

An interesting debate indeed. Why dont we observe more closely at the next tournament and decide for ourselves?

Oh yes, a few more questions. Is this type of fortitude something one is born with or does it need to be nurtured and developed over many many tough tournaments. Also can the reverse happen? Can the fighting spirit get eroded? If so how would it happen?

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