Thursday, September 19, 2013

Report from KK.

KK was a wonderful experience. Mark said that he would like to retire there when it is his time. In a way Sabah reminds me of my childhood memory of what West Malaysia was like before all the heavy politics. A walk down memory lane indeed after I caught up with my Kadazan childhood friend in KK.

Our experience of Sabah Chess Association would rate them as one of the top 2 most well run Association in MCF besides Penang. The large number of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers from their committee speaks well of the leadership of Muammar, the President of Sabah Chess.

Mark didn't do so well there but we left with much clearer ideas of our weaknesses and where to focus the rest of our training. So it's back to the grinding stone of tough training.

Sabah Chess Association is pitching to do our next National Close. I wish them luck. Would love to visit again.

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