Sunday, September 22, 2013

An insight into the Chinese methodology and philosophy on Chess.

Just before going to KK for the Sabah Grande, a friend of mine sent me 2 sets of Fide trainers manual for me to check my training methods against the official version. For that I thank him. It showed me 2 things. The first thing was to show up the gap in my own technical training methods which we are now working to close.

The second was the real teaser. Although it doesn't say much, it has created much speculation on my part. In the manual there was a one line statement that says that the Chinese differ in methodology and philosophy. So what is the difference?

The normal methods focuses on pawn centers, structure etc. The Chinese however work according to first strategy, then structure and only then space. In that order of priority. Hmmmmmm.....

Doesn't say anymore but it is interesting isn't it? That took me back to the last National Close. There was a player from Sabah who was stopping a few strong players by drawing the games. Aron Teh was to meet him next. We met Aron and his mum for dinner and I asked him if he was aware of the other players strategy. And he answered yes but he was not worried. And he won his next round easily.

Here is my speculation. From my understanding of strategy, it must mean that he understands his opponents weaponary and has the right weapon to handle it if he wants a win or a draw. Strategy is the big picture. It also encompasses competitor analysis.

So while I do not have full details, I think I may have stumbled onto the better path. I suspect my path is closer to the Chinese methodology. Anyway it makes sense to me. Look at the history. We went to China at one time to teach them chess. I don't think that is the case anymore. So why don't we learn from them today instead? Better than being in a rut yes?

Strategy first. That is what we are missing. We need to change tact. That is all I am saying.

My 2 cents.

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