Saturday, December 24, 2011

Salutations to the strongest junior 2011/12

Nabil is the undisputed junior Champion. This is what the title National Junior Master means. There were many comments about some missing Juniors but this is the consensus among those I spoke to. You cannot claim to be the strongest outside the ring. That is just your personal opinion. The Champion is the boy that lifts the title. The one that had the courage to step into the ring to fight.

A good analogy is Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan. In the fight we acknowledge Lin Dan to be Champion. The Champion cannot be based on ratings. The Champion is determined by the fight among peers; in their category.

So well done Nabil! Be proud of you achievement and your title. Wear it with pride. You have earned it.

Note: I also asked a couple of the top juniors if they thought this was the strongest Junior they have played. After some thought, they said it was. Why? There were almost no cannon fodder on the top tables unlike the past. Strong young juniors are coming up. There were no easy games even with the players with much lower ratings. New Champions in the making. Things are changing for the better. With this type of depth and strong fighters, we may soon find more International class players. Well done MCF.

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