Thursday, December 1, 2011

An interesting discussion at Asian Amateur

First round of the blitz and FM Ignatius Leong lost to one of Singapore's young players. He asked the boy to explain to me his loss. I commented that it is a testimony to his coaching that the young boy was not intimidated by him.

Later on there was me, Ignatius and an IM and we got to talking on the topic again. The IM said that it is not his fault that the younger generation of players were weaker than the older ones. Maybe not personally but I think that generally the next generation should be stronger than the previous one. And if that is not so then there is something wrong with the way the older generation is handling things.

Again I found someone trying to lay the blame on the kids. Why don't the decision makers, ie the older members of the chess community, try to see where we can improve things so that each subsequent generation of players become stronger and stronger.


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