Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things are as they are.

Ref: Here.

The author in the link above says that all things work to our advantage. Here is an alternative view and I think it's one that is closer to the truth and reality. Things are as they are. What does this mean?

This means that events will conspire to keep bringing to you the same lesson that you need to learn until you learn it. If you did not succeed in one endeavour because of some lacking, you will face the same problem again in another endeavour. If you lose one tournament because of some lacking, you will lose another tournament for a similar reason.

This will keep happening until you learn the lesson you are meant to learn. God in action?

You will stay in the same drama until you learn. When you do, you move on and then you will be brought another lesson until you learn that too? Growth.

Ergo, it is only advantageous if you learn. Otherwise you will just repeat the same mistake again and again.

Look into yourself, look at the evidence. That author is just trying to comfort himself. Another way of looking at it is just escapism; running from reality. So find out what is blocking you, resolve it and move on. Stop saying all things are to your advantage just to comfort yourself because you refuse the lesson.

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