Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Introduction to First GM

Hi Again

After stepping down as webmaster for the Perak Chess Association, I decided to focus on helping Mark in his attempt to get into the National squad. So for almost 10 weeks solid we were going from one tournament to another. During this time I met other bloggers like Mr Gilocatur who urged me not to quit blogging. I also met, amongst others, parents of chess players who have national aspirations. During the long hours we spent together during tournaments and the many many teh tarik sessions, there appeared to be a recurring theme: this question is "why can't Malaysia get her first GM?"

Another reason for this blog (and its name) is that I have been thinking of starting a chess school in Perak. The idea was formed during my tenure in the Perak Chess Association. (I have been informed that I have been sacked for some reason. As I see it, there are no grounds but I would like to present the case to the members at our next AGM for them to decide as provided for in our constitution).

Nevertheless, that is not the focus of this blog. I hope this blog will serve as a forum for players, parents and chess officials to discuss issues pertaining to this perplexing question. Please do not use this blog for personal attacks. I understand there are many grievances and perceived injustices, but for us to move forward I feel it is best we try to build on common ground here.

I have personally gained from the parents of Sumant, Yeap Eng Chiam, Low Jun Jian/Jun Keat, Nabil/Nabila/Najiha, Shakir and many other parents of our National Juniors who have shared from their experience.

Both Mark and I have also learned much from the National Juniors themselves who have been remarkably generous in imparting their knowledge to us. Deserving special mention is also Greg Lau of MCF, Jax Tham (chess coach) and Abdullah Che Hassan (chess coach and Senior National player) who have shared of their knowledge to help Mark become the strongest junior player to come out of Perak for a long time. He was close to getting a good placing in the National Juniors U20 but a series of bad decisions on my part means we will have to try again next year. However he did come in second for the U16 category.

But back to the blog. Many parents have said they will support this blog, I hope that players and chess officials will do the same. Also since I hail from Perak, I will also highlight events from the silver state.

Raymond Siew

PS: I am discussing starting a chess school with some sponsors. I will keep you informed of the progress.

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