Sunday, December 27, 2009

Important National Tournaments for Juniors.

Another reason why I started this blog is to try to get accurate information out. Surprisingly that is not so simple. As I said earlier, to do well in State competitions, you need to play in National Tournaments and to do well in National competitions you want International exposure. I'll try and give you information on Asean tournaments later, I am still researching.

I am told that chess has been taken out of MSSM for next year, so it is even more important that State level players take part in these tournaments. I understand that MCF is trying to put in a proposal to MOE for a National Scholastic Age Group tournament in liew of MSSM. I wish Greg the best of luck in his endeavour. But for now, this is what we have.

1. NAG - This is for the U8, U10, U12, U14 and U16 category.

"For Asean, Asian and World Age-Groups Events, the qualifications criteria comes only from the National Age Group event held yearly. Only the Top 4 placing from this event will be considered for International events officially."

"Next year the National Age Group 2010 will be held in Penang from 13-15 March 2010."

Quote: From Greg Lau, Secretary MCF.

2. National Juniors - This is for U20. This tournament is usually year end. Watch out for it.

"First of all, The coming National Juniors 2009 is only meant for qualification to World Junior, Asian Junior held in 2010. We have also include 1 slot (Champion only) for qualification into the Malaysian Masters 2010 event. (No dates confirm at the moment)"

"The National Junior Champion will definitely be recognised from the National Junior event and as i have mentioned earlier, the Champion will be invited for the World Junior and Asian Junior Championship. We might also use the results for future selection into possible event liked The Malaysian Junior Masters event (Not organised yet)."

"The National Juniors Championships is open to all Malaysian U-20 and below. Since the National Age-Group is played under the respective Age categories,the format does not allow for example, a 10 year old kid to compete against the older kids of 14 years of age even though he might be stronger in his chess playing ability. The National Junior event was created to allow any kids below U-20 to have the opportunity to compete with each other irrespective of their age differences and becomes the National Junior Champion.(NJM)"

"The format for the World and Asian Junior is the same which caters for all U-20 and below juniors. But they have restictions by competition rule which only allow a Federation country to send it's official 1 Boy Champion and 1 Girl Champion for the event. (Board and lodge are provided by the organizer for each federation for the 2 official representatives). Since both are FIDE official event ,only the National Federation of respectives country can register players for the event. The 2 events are catered for the world strongest Juniors (U-20) and MCF would like to have our best junior representatives to the World and Asian Juniors through the National Juniors Championship results."

Quote: Greg Lau, Secretary MCF.

Other important information.

"One may apply to participate for any competitions organised Officially under FIDE which requires the National Federation to endorse, please do write in, or email to the The Honorary Secretary ,CC to The Selection Committee, in view if there is no representatives for that particular event, we will be glad to assist in any way. For Open FIDE rated events, like Bangkok Open, KL Open, Australian Open, no endorsement is required for your child participation."

"MCF may need to organize a seminar with an open forum and discussions for all parents during next year NAG, to clarify,to explain and discuss certain issues like selections, players qualification for events, tournaments local and international, ratings and etc. This will help to foster established a better understanding between MCF policies and public views."

Quote: Greg Lau, Secretary MCF.

I hope that with this information, State officials will be able to plan for livelier competition at these tournaments. Also please note NAG starts at U8. So plans are needed for this age category. If we all take part, I am confident a GM will be coming soon. "If we build it, they will come."

Greg, thanks for the info.

Raymond Siew


  1. gud job.. gud spirit...look like only u keep on the perak flag standing among the other state.. cngrat..!!!!!

  2. Thank you for your comment. But it is not true. During the National Junior I saw Perak teachers bringing their students to play at the event. However they didnt do well. What our Perak players need is support from our State Association.But even that is not enough. We need training, preparation and know how to do well at National Level. That is what I hope I can contribute back to the State by starting a chess school. With some support I hope to achieve that. What you can do is to become a member of the State Association and voice out your concerns. I hope you will consider that.