Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Who is behind this MCF watch blog?

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The Enemy within.

Who are the people behind this blog? The old timers will know so let me help the newer people in chess understand what is really going on.

Let me go back to 2009 to give you a more complete picture. At that time there were no written selection in MCF and Greg Lau was the new Secretary replacing Hamid. The first attempt at written selection, to the best of my knowledge, was tried in PICA (Perak Chess Association). That attempt lead to the expulsion of the committee member who tried to bring it in. Me.

I then shared my experience with Greg and argued why written selection was important to close the back doors. Greg then attempted the same thing in MCF in 2010. And these bloggers appeared. And FGM blog together with other bloggers attempted to support that effort. The very first written selection appeared in 2010 after a fierce fight on the blogs. And that was for NAG.

Later, National Juniors also came up with a written selection and finally National Close in 2013.

And all this while these bloggers have been attacking from the dark.

The selection procedure is still not perfect. This year there were accusations levied on the use of chess engines during National Close. But it is still a very much more improved situation from before where the players represented Malaysia based on favoritism. And we are beginning to see results. Did we not see a better quality of players coming out from selection? Given a little more time will we not see even more improvements?

I had a chat with Greg during National Rapids. He asked me this question. How do we get more sponsors into chess? My answer was to clean up selection even more. When good sponsors see that MCF is serious about bringing out strong chess players, they will come.

But more needs to be done. We also need to stop these bloggers from slandering people and sponsors when they do come onboard. (For those that remember these bloggers also attacked the first training by a GM sponsored by Air Asia, before International competition).

So let me tell you what these bloggers really want. They want to knock out anybody that wants to build up chess. They want a return to the old days where they can play for Malaysia without having to compete.

These bloggers need to be stopped for the final piece of the puzzle to fall in place and chess will blossom in Malaysia. For these people will prevent any decent sponsors from supporting chess. Nobody good will support chess if they find their reputations sullied by these people who attacks from the dark.

So MCF, finish the game. Checkmate them. They are the enemy from within. It has taken many years of fierce fighting to get to where we are now. It started in 2009. All that effort just to do something so obvious as having a proper written selection has taken so long to implement. Don't let it go to waste.

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